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Grown from royal roots in the sun-soaked golden hills of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, Midas Prosecco combines generations of tradition with cutting-edge technology.

The Midas Story

Dionysus, the god of wine, granted King Midas’ wish of turning anything he touched to gold. Having almost lost his loved ones to his power, Midas soon learned that true wealth isn‘t gold or possessions, but love and experiences.

Making memories and celebrating moments is the heart of the Midas tale. Signed with a touch of gold, Midas Prosecco goes beyond generations of knowledge to create the finest quality liquid to be shared with everyone.

The best experiences deserve the best prosecco.


Our vines, in rows refreshed by the sea breezes of the Adriatic, wend their way over soils able to impart unique characteristics in our grapes. Some of the vines, planted almost 40 years ago, feature a rich combination of clay and limestone, which differ from the more gravelly soils generally associated with the surrounding areas. For this reason, the soil can be considered a genuine "Cru".


Rose Garden Spritz

Cocchi Rosa, Hibiscus and Rose Seltzer, and topped with Midas Prosecco.

Inspired by King Midas’ rose garden.

Golden Spagliato

Suze aperitif, Cocchi Americano, Italicus, Orange bitters and Midas Prosecco.

Of course King Midas is well known for his golden touch. A regretful wish granted by the god of wine; Dionysus.

Our Process

We combine natural, sustainable and rarely used cultivation methods with modern, tried and tested production technology. Midas' production know-how, which is passed down from one generation to the next, is skilfully applied alongside well tested, cutting-edge technology and new methods of vine cultivation.


Our commitment to the environment is key to everything we do. For us, conscientious farming and the high quality of the wines go hand in hand. Making wine sustainably means preserving natural resources and safeguarding the land and vineyards. Indeed, we do not use weed killers in our vineyards. The use of renewable energy sources and SQNPI certification guarantee our commitment and dedication to environmental sustainability.


Grape variety: 100% Glera

Time on the lees: 4 months

Type of terrain: Calcareous-clay, rich in microelements

Vine density: 3,100 vines/ha

Harvest time: Mid-September

Ageing potential: 1-2 years after production

Alcohol by volume: 11.5%

Residual sugar: 12g/litre or 1.2g/100ml

Serving temperature: Approx 6 - 7°C

Colour: Very light, shades of straw-yellow with hints of green.

Bubbles: Tiny, light and spritzy bubbles form a fine mousse on the surface, which lasts long after pouring.

Aroma: A pleasant, delicate aroma with hints of fruity apple, floral wisteria and acacia. Midas’ extended 4 months time on the lees gives way to extra notes of crusty bread.

Flavour and Taste: A lively, rounded flavour that is well balanced with a fruity finish. Fresh, young and floral.

Food Pairings: Perfect as an aperitivo or served alongside shellfish and creamy pasta dishes.

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Contact & Distribution

Midas Prosecco is produced in Italy, and distributed in the UK.